Becoming one of the best three star hotels in Shanklin doesn't come easy, but we like to think we've got it right. Excellent hospitality, the warmest of welcomes and old fashioned service ensure that your stay at Keats Green Hotel on the beautiful Isle of Wight is a memorable one. Some of the finest poetry to come from this country was inspired by the views of Keats Green. This famous green, both beautiful and away from traffic, is all that separates the Keats Green Hotel from the magnificent sweep of Sandown and Shanklin Bay. The Keats Green Hotel's spacious interior purveys an atmosphere of relaxation and calm with beautiful sea views. The panoramic sweep from the steep white chalk of Culver Downs, to the red sandstone of Shanklin cliffs, presents itself from every public room. The Keats Green Hotel restaurant, with its stunning sea views and spacious surroundings, is the perfect backdrop to English cooking at its finest. Our exemplary service, well-appointed dining room and courteous staff will ensure that each meal can be enjoyed to its fullest.

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